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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

wanna curve away? it's such a perfect day

If you were at my Special F/X talk, Desktop Summit in Las Palmas, or if you watched the recorded video (135 MB Ogg), you might notice the tongue-in-cheek gratitudes to Lufthansa dan SpanAir I expressed at the beginning of the talk. The story goes as follows. As all of us, the Trolls, left Oslo to fly to Las Palmas, our flight got delayed twice, in Oslo (by Lufthansa) and Madrid (by SpanAir). Like every other dedicated (read: foolish) hackers, I took advantage of the delay to fulfill my dream (read: obsession): writing my own presentation tool. Hence, the special thanks.


Of course, like every other dedicated hackers, I cheated (after all, great artists steal). Inspired from the previous discussion with Simon (and Holger), I just took S5 and wrapped it with QtWebKit. The result is something I called s5runner. The 200-lines Qt/C++ code (and PyQt, thanks to David) is best demonstrated by watching the following short screencast:

Few extra features added on top S5 are screen blanking (white or black), night mode (just for the fun of it), syntax highlighting (useful for code snippet), countdown timer (because my laptop has 100x computing power vs my wristwatch), and (my favorite) live editing.

I will definitely reuse this for my upcoming talks.

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