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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chromium on OpenSUSE

Though Google Chrome for Linux is not yet officially announced, people have been working to make Chromium, the open-source version thereof, available for different popular distributions. I wrote before about CrossOver Chromium, but not only this is just a hack, it is also not up-to-date at all. The easiest way for OpenSUSE 11.1 users is to use the package from Contrib.

Though for veteran OpenSUSE fans, the steps to install Chromium are obvious, here I write down the idiot-proof version. Go to, type Chromium and click the Search button, wait for a moment, find the entry from openSUSE:Factory:Contrib/openSUSE_11.1, then well, click on the 1-Click Install button there. Follow the usual installation guides (mostly just agreeing and confirming some stuff), then in few minutes you will get:

Who says installing software in Linux is difficult? :)


Anonymous said...

How about a proof of concept port of Chromium's platform specific GUI code to cross platform Qt code, showing how much work/LoC Google could have saved that way?

usr said...

We must differentiate between easy and intuitive.
Easy is anything we do know how to make it. Intuivo is anything that you learn by itself.

Installing software on *nix is more intuitive than on Windows or on Mac OS X, but is very difficult when you want to install a new version of a program if it isn't in the mirror of your distro (it is the heel of Aquiles of Linux).

Anonymous said...

that chrome version does not work for me. The page is loaded (can see source code) but not displayed. There is a blue screen with a smiley and "oh no, error on this page,[...]". In konsole I have errors like

[4117:4117:8117850615:ERROR:./chrome/common/temp_scaffolding_stubs.h(62)] Not implemented reached in bool printing::PrintViewManager::OnRenderViewGone(RenderViewHost*)

Derek Kite said...

Search for chromium-browser. I think chromium is a game. Same repository though.

And yes, at the moment it doesn't work. Worked fine a couple of days ago. Probably needs an update.


Enderandrew said...

+1 for a Qt port that will work on multiple platforms. Honestly, I think if someone (or a group of people) in the community developed a good Qt fork, Google might merge it into mainline. They have accepted code from the community into Chromium.

Francis said...

You could've linked directly to the 1-click-install ;-)

Afriza N. Arief said...

It makes me wonder, what distro do you use primarily?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dummy proof instructions for those of us brand new to Linux