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Thursday, May 06, 2010

vector graphics, tiger in wireframe

At the risk of starting another yet-will-be-unmaintained project, sometime ago I decided to continue learning about graphics stuff in my spare time. I will not announce it of course until its code is better for public consumption. However, I really can't contain my excitement when it reaches an important milestone:

This sounds like childish, but as a graphics n00b, the above screenshot means a lot to me.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Just remember to not code today what you can't debug tomorrow ;-)

Michael D said...

well that looks like that overly popular postscript tiger... could this be another PostScript renderer/previewer that you'Re working on? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I like the makeup of the tiger, around the eyelids! This very secret project of you strikes my curiosity: can you also create an anti-aliased tiger or have colors?

Anonymous said...

oh, I forgot: can you make a penguin or a turtle too?