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Friday, March 11, 2011

PhantomJS meets CoffeeScript

I did something related to CoffeeScript before, namely simple command-line compiler. For those who are not aware of CoffeeScript, it's basically (from Wikipedia) JavaScript with "syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby and Python".

On the hand, surprisingly PhantomJS generates more interest than I ever imagined before (with over 240 watching its repository), prompting me not to abandon it too soon :) In fact, I decided to dump my tought on its roadmap since more and more people are willing to help.

My secret feature, which is not secret anymore, for the upcoming 1.1 release is to incorporate the CoffeeScript compiler so that PhantomJS scripts can be written in CoffeeScript. Since the intention of PhantomJS is for various scripting purpose utilizing headless QtWebKit, this is a perfect match.

Gone are the curly braces...

1 comment:

monBlogGmail said...

I wanna to know the what the option --load-pleugins=yes do, and when I try to execute this commande :
phantomjs --load-pleugin=yes script.js 'url'
I get a this like a result :
Can't open --load-pleugins=yes

Thnx for help !!!!