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Sunday, February 28, 2010

(q)palette viewer

Qt documentation mentions QPalette as the class that contains color groups, Active, Inactive, and Disabled, for each widget state. Knowing the color for many different color roles is important. For example, a style author might want to tweak the colors of each buttons depending on QPalette::Button, QPalette::ButtonText, QPalette::Highlight and likely play with the shades and the saturation. There are probably few different ways to get the RGB values of those colores, here I show one of them: using a small tool that display all the color roles for active, inactive and disabled states:

And here how it looks like on Nokia N900:

The code is in the X2 repository, check the sub-directory widget/palview. A possible exercise for the brave reader: allow the user to choose other color spaces such as HSL or HSV.

Have fun with the colors!

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