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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Qt Developer Days 2009 - Live

Like I mentioned before, now I am in Munich for Qt Developer Days 2009. The training sessions started yesterday already, the plenary was initiated this morning as we had the keynotes from Sebastian, Lars, Walter, and Matthias. We are now in the middle of lunch break, the technical track will start very soon.

Qt Everywhere

This is the biggest Qt Developer Days so far, we have over 650 participants (last year it was only around 400). Can you imagine now what happens during the lunch break? Hint: the queue. As a nice touch, we even show a coffee machine running Qt:

I will have two talks tomorrow (Day 2) for the Innovate track: Special FX with Graphics View and Copy Your Favourite Nokia App with Qt. See you there!


Ronald Widha said...

another topic for temanmacet.
when are you planning to be back and up for our next podcast

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the talks available as videos to watch online? I'd be very interested.

Ariya Hidayat said...

Videos? Maybe later on, but not right now since that will be unfair to the participants who shell out an amount of money to attend and watch the talks (this event is not for free!).

maninalift said...

As much as I think both Qt and coffee are great, the "I [company logo] $SOMETHING" thing was naff and annoying when Sony did it, it's made no better by repitition. Looks like like a good conf