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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quake and WebGL

While I'm there, let me just quickly blog about it. Using the developer version of Chromium on OpenSUSE, I just run it with the following arguments:

/usr/bin/chromium --enable-webgl --in-process-webgl

and then I have WebGL at my fingertip. You can test it with some O3D samples (the pool one is pretty cool).

In fact, just go ahead and play Quake II at

I got bad FPS because I own a cheap laptop (8 FPS is more than what I expect from a $330 box). Obviously you can get 25 FPS or more on a much better machine!


hendi said...

Wow! You get 8fps on a cheap machine whilst playing a 13 year old game. How cool is that?!

Yeah, I know: It runs in a browser. W00t! Hooray for even more abstraction layers. And maybe in 10 years we'll be able to play Quake 4 at 8fps in our browsers on our 16x3GHz machines?

I don't get all the excitement about WebGL, Google's NaCl and all. Before, we had to install a compatible OS to run software (e.g. Windows for Photoshop and Windows or Linux für Quake). Now, we need a compatible browser (i.e. a recent one with WebGL and NaCl support) to run these apps in, on top of a OS compatible to this browser.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried using the AMD/ATI fglrx device driver? Maybe you'll be able to get more decent FPS ;)