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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

attack of the clones (or PictureFlow-ing a phone, a set-top box, and an iPod)

Cover Flow effect for Greenphone

Trolltech Greenphone is a smartphone for Qtopia-based mobile-platform development. Although not available anymore, developing Greenphone is useful to learn Qtopia, and vice versa. You can still learn Qtopia/Greenphone without the real device using the Greenphone SDK within VMWare trick, which what I used to test my PictureFlow code some time ago.

But of course running a program inside an emulator is different than in a real 3-d device. Seeing is believing. Jonas Hurrelmann was very nice to check PictureFlow on Greenphone, as evidenced from his YouTube video. As expected, the performance is quite satisfactory. Kudos to Jonas!

Cover Flow effect for Dreambox

Dreambox is a satellite set-top box running Linux. Because it runs Linux and can be modified, it is popular among hackers. In case you miss it, few weeks ago Brad Hughes compiled and built Qt for his Dreambox DM 7000. Check his demo video...

...and wait 41 seconds and see what is shown. Does that look familiar to you? (Hint: read this blog post again from top)

Cover Flow effect for iPod

Huh? Doesn't "Cover Flow for iPod" sounds too Zen-like? Didn't His Steveness show it before?

Well, this one is different. Jonas Hurrelmann (yes, the same Jonas, kudos to him again) ported the PictureFlow code to Rockbox and then ran it on the iPod 5.5G. The obligatory video is his YouTube clip:

Careful readers might notice that it should be a Rockbox plugin (for those who live under the rock, Rockbox is the ultimate firmware replacement for many music players and it is completely open-source). Since Rockbox can support not only Apple iPod, but also Archos Jukebox, Sandisk Sansa, Cowon and many other popular MP3 players, this opens the possibility that those devices might enjoy CoverFlow-effect as well. Let's wait for Jonas (and perhaps others) for further development.

More attacks are still needed....

Update: check also PictureFlow attacking other mobile devices.


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See PictureFlow as Rockbox plugin on a non-ipod:

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