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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HTC and Motorola

Just over these two weeks, over 5 thousands came to my humble blog from XDA-developer's forum. It turned out that Chad "thundershadow14", based on the HTC Touch port, set to create a PictureFlow-based image viewer and release it as Windows Mobile executables. And seems that people like it, there are already 290 posts in that thread as I write this. It was reported to work on a wide range of HTC smartphones, among others Touch, Trinity, Herald, Hermes, Kaiser, Atlas, Prophet, Himalaya, Wizard, as well as other Windows Mobile devices like Treo 750, LG KS20, Asus P535, Axim X51v, and a bunch others. So if you have an HTC gadget (preferably with WM6), give it a shot. Looks like it quickly becomes one of the first popular Qt/WinCE-based application, this is considering that (as of now) the final official Qt/WinCE is not even released yet!

On the other side of the world, my countryman Ketut "blackhawk" Kumajaya brought PictureFlow to Linux-based Motorola phones (BTW, he is also the one who ports Rockbox to EZX). It runs smoothly on some Motorola phones like A1200, A780, E680i, ROKR E2, and ROKR E6. He kindly sent me the following screenshot:

There is even a short clip showing it on A1200:

From these two exciting developments, and since the response is overwhelming (I can't still believe people *do* really bother to mess around with such a weekend project), I want to be a bit more serious and plan to create a specialized image viewer with that lovely CoverFlow effect, designed with mobile device in mind (and targeting Qt/WinCE and Qtopia). From what I read in the forum, people are not happy with the loading time and memory consumption. Of course, this is definitely the case since the example I include with PictureFlow source code is not optimized for speed or memory footprint. It is a typical example program, meant to show how to use PictureFlow only, not as a basis of a real-world application. Thus, a really usable viewer must be implemented differently.

So, folks, stay tuned. Of course you can send me a smartphone, something like HTC Kaiser, if you want. I'll be glad to take it :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, HTC sucks big time. Check

Unknown said...

I worked a bit on blackhawk's port for EZX. I've enabled rough touchscreen (dragging not just clicking). However, since I am just a beginner in Qt (you can't expect much from a half baked accountant) I was wondering how can I implement a zoom functio so that the centerslide is zoomed to full screen when clicked on?

Anonymous said...
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