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Saturday, January 01, 2011

X2 from Ofi Labs: wrap-up 2010

X2It got started when I needed a new home for my examples. It has even a nice logo.


accelerometer viewer for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900).

bouncing ball, where the gravity affects the movement of the ball.

box of marbles, where the gravity affects a bunch of colored marbles.

combining accelerometer and network to do inter-device marbles transfer.

motion and orientation for web applications.

web-based version of marble box.


morphing clock, where the transition between the digital and analog version is a kind of morphing effect.

qpalette viewer so you know which color is which one.


fast approximation of Gaussian blur to create a blurry drop shadow.

command-line capture tool to save maps from OpenStreetMap, MapQuest and Ovi Maps.

simple tool to list all chunks inside a PNG image.

webkit & javascript

file processing, including using jslint, in command-line using JavaScript.

play Canvas-based game as normal desktop app.

offline, command line beautifier for JavaScript code, utilizing Qt Script.

another variant of the beautifier, this time using V8.

minimalistic editing widget for JavaScript code, with custom syntax highlighting.

white background is boring? just try some color inverted web pages.

detect the closest link to ease following it on a touch device.

Canvas pixel manipulation for plasma effect.


simple proxy server for HTTP, in 100 lines.

tracenet: trap all network requests+replies to show them with Speed Tracer.

filterproxy: another variant of the proxy server with added URL filtering feature.

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